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Why an understaffed IT department can cost you more than you think

Dan Griffiths

For IT organizations today, the need to cut costs is clear: budgets are shrinking, but expectations are staying the same. The pinch is especially hard on small and midsize businesses. These organizations are limited when it comes to financial resources, and IT is often the first thing they cut. In this post, we'll discuss why an understaffed IT organization is a short-sighted way of approaching cost savings, particularly when there are better options available.

The hidden costs of an understaffed IT department

1. Unscheduled project delays

When you stop to consider that all business users in your company depend on IT personnel to be able to do their jobs correctly, it becomes clear that your IT employees are among the most important people in your company. If they are overworked and unable to respond to tickets in a timely manner, the whole company can grind to a halt while they wait for IT to catch up.

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