Uncover Your Most Important KPIs with Business Intelligence

Sandra Williams

As BI (business intelligence) becomes the new buzzword in the software industry, it's important for small to mid-sized businesses to determine what Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are most meaningful to them. Businesses today can collect all kinds of data that can be interpreted to mean all kinds of things. It is important to make sure you are collecting data that tells a story. KPIs show the health of your organization in the form of statistics. It’s no longer enough to simply measure items. It is crucial for your business to understand what you are measuring. KPIs can be used to improve decision making, cut costs, identify new business opportunities, and proactively respond to trending issues.

3 ways to ensure you are measuring the right KPIs

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Introducing Dynamics 365 For Financials, Microsoft's New Cloud Solution

Hillary Horning

This has been a year of many changes. Microsoft sent waves through the tech community in early November, announcing the release of Dynamics 365. The announcement of the cloud solution changed the ground the Dynamics community walks on, offering competitive SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing, incredible flexibility, and seamless integration with Microsoft’s widely adopted Office 365 business suite.

Small to medium-sized and enterprise businesses now have the option to streamline business processes by running powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built on trusted Dynamics NAV and AX framework, with month-to-month cloud subscription flexibility, and lower start-up costs than a traditional on-premises ERP implementation.

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Still time to register for our Year-End Closing Procedures Workshop

Hillary Horning

At Pinnacle, we’re aware of the headaches involved in performing the dreaded year-end close. This year, we’re offering an intensive step-by-step workshop where you'll get tips and insights to get your year-end process done with ease!

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11 Reasons to Attend Year-End Process Webinar with GreenShades

Zack Nimtz

2016 holds many changes to the traditional year-end process. With several new regulations, many organizations fear remaining compliant with their year-end finanaces and reporting.  

With many additional businesses finding themselves in need of meeting the Affordable Care Act regulations, new (paused) Department of Labor Overtime rules, 2016’s year-end is more daunting than ever before.  

Luckily, there are tools out there that can help calm your nerves. Greenshades Software, an add-on solution stack to Microsoft Dynamics GP, offers a suite of proven software that can make this years’ close your easiest one yet.  

Join us, Pinnacle of Indiana, for a free Webinar with Greenshades Software on Wednesday, November 30th at 3:00p EST, as we take a look at the add-on options Greenshades has to offer. This all-in-one webinar will prepare you for this upcoming year-end, and provide additional insight on the tools that can help ensure your compliance, and offer tips on making your year-end process less painful.  

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5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged, Productive & Happy

Hillary Horning

Every single year, more and more United States workers gain the flexibility to work remotely. Whether that’s in a hotel lobby, airport, home office, or coffee shop, telecommuting has become increasingly popular, and also necessary.

A recent study by Gallup, a business consulting firm that offers a wide array of services, found that over 37% of U.S. workers have worked remotely, a large jump from the 9% found in 1995. The study concludes that there are two major forms of telecommuting: work remotely during normal business hours, and working outside of the office during evenings or weekends.

No matter what hours your remote employees are logging, the ability to work just as productively and as seamlessly as they would normally in the traditional office is ever important. With over 30 million Americans working at least one day from home per week, organizations are seeking strategies to provide support incentives, tools, and successfully manage a mobile workforce.

Here are 5 ways to keep your remote (and traditional) employees engaged, productive, and happy.

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