Curious about Business Intelligence tools but unsure where to start?

Zack Nimtz

Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow business leaders to stay informed of the inner working of their companies so that the decisions they make have the best possible outcomes for business growth. According to Gartner, Business Intelligence tools include the applications, infrastructure and best practices that enable a business to analyze data to improve decisions.

Having BI tools can help organizations increase their competitive advantage. By centralizing data, business leaders are able to spot trends, uncover inefficiencies, and gain a deeper understanding of their customers. According to ComputerWeekly contributors Martha Bennett and Boris Evelson, as more pressure is placed on businesses to make the shift to the digital and mobile realms, data and information becomes ever more important.

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Three key areas that give SMBs a competitive edge

Zack Nimtz

The way SMBs do business is changing. Technology trends are transforming the business landscape. Cloud adoption is growing at 24 percent per year, and mobile and remote use is skyrocketing. To stay ahead of the competition, small and midsize businesses need to focus on three key areas: cost control, productivity, and customer insights.

Cost control - be lean and stay lean. When it comes to technology investments, you need to make sure you are getting the most value out of the products and services you purchase, and that you are not purchasing more than you need. For that reason, businesses are turning to the cloud as a means to reduce hardware costs, IT maintenance and utility expenses.

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The future of productivity has come to Michiana!

Zack Nimtz

News Release

South Bend, IN — 3/18/2015: Pinnacle, An Advanced Imaging Solutions Company is taking business productivity to the next level - and business leaders are invited to experience the difference. The certified Microsoft partner has recently opened a Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) in their Mishawaka office.

The Microsoft Experience Center allows businesses to test Microsoft office applications in a hands-on environment. Pinnacle has not one, but two certified MEC facilitators. “It isn’t like a traditional presentation or demo, businesses are invited to explore Microsoft’s productivity tools in a simulated true-to-life work environment. It’s very collaborative and allows participants to see how Microsoft devices and solutions can provide real-life advantages for their business,” Eric Huggins, MEC facilitator and DevOps Manager for Pinnacle tells us.

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Advanced analytics should be on the short list for every CIO

Daniel Halstead

Chief information officers who want to position their companies on a successful path for years to come will likely have to focus on advanced analytics as a way to gain insight into their firms' targeted markets. The ability to understand customer and client preferences, as well as specific industry trends before shifts even occur, fosters a true competitive advantage over the closest rivals.

Alexander Linden, research director at Gartner, explained all industries are experiencing growing data volumes. The burgeoning internet also contains a vast store of marketing and demographic data. CIOs will have to look at their data in new ways to achieve cross-selling opportunities, acquire new customers and effectively predict demand and potential failures before they happen. This means placing an increasing emphasis on data analytics.

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Big data analytics will drive next generation of revenue

Zack Nimtz

Achieving a competitive advantage in this day and age is not the easiest task. Companies must possess the right vision and have the available resources to set themselves apart from their rivals. In recent years, the focus on business intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in the wake of the big data phenomenon.

Firms with the right analytics solutions can gain insight into this information to make more sound decisions pertaining to their targeted markets like never before. A recent IDC report suggested this capability will be a driving force behind future revenue generation, especially among retailers.

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