SaaS-based BI market experiencing rapid growth

Zack Nimtz

The use of business intelligence tools, specifically Software-as-a-Service-based suites, is taking off on a global scale. BI allows firms to gather valuable information and analyze this data to make more informed decisions regarding operations and customer markets. In an age where even a slight competitive advantage can set one company apart from the others, SaaS figures to become an even more dominant force in helping organizations leverage BI tools for years to come.

A recent TechNavio report indicated that the SaaS BI industry will expand at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 31 percent between 2013 and 2018.

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Which solutions are driving Business Intelligence forward?

Zack Nimtz

The future of business intelligence looks brighter than ever, with various tools becoming corporate necessities for companies that want to gain greater insight into their targeted markets. This particular trend is clear, but what is not so evident is just which IT options are truly behind the wheel of this development. Biztech's Karen Schwartz recently highlighted the analytics solutions that are the cream of the crop in this space.

  • Social media analytics
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Content analytics
  • Context analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Business analytics

Businesses interested in improving their financial management may not have a better way to do so than predictive analytics. Schwartz asserted that these solutions are "must-have" tools for finance organizations.

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Whiteboard Session: Endless Possibilities

Julie Vigue

A blank sheet of paper is filled with opportunity. They give you the opportunity to express feelings, thoughts, or ideas. Fill a blank sheet with information and they become shopping lists, invitations, maps or contracts. The possibilities are endless.

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"Sir, Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?"

Craig Sroda

If you've been driving for a while you probably have been there. You're cruising along and out of nowhere there are flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You're being pulled over. You roll down the window as the policeman walks up to your car and asks for your driver's license and registration.

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Microsoft Licensing Changes May Impact EA Customers

Eric Huggins

A quick follow up on my earlier post and promise to provide an update for EA customers impacted by the upcoming licensing changes in Server 2012 -

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