"Sir, Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?"

Craig Sroda

If you've been driving for a while you probably have been there. You're cruising along and out of nowhere there are flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You're being pulled over. You roll down the window as the policeman walks up to your car and asks for your driver's license and registration.

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Should I try to CONTROL the Uncontrollable?

Maurice Bokhart

Financial management professionals are given job titles such as “Controller” – yet when I talk to these people – their #1 complaint is that things are “out of control” in their organizations.

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Lessons Learned - SharePoint 2010 Fixed Width Design

Joel Chmiel

There are a lot of posts out there regarding applying a centered fixed width design to a SharePoint master page. However, as I researched the subject for a recent project, I found it hard to find solutions to all the little issues that seemed to continue to pop up. So, I wanted to create an article that, if you are reading this now, provides you with a complete set of steps to apply a centered fixed width design using the v4.master as the base. That way, it’s Foundation and Server compatible!

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The importance of the free Office 365 for Education.

Enrique Lima

Over the last couple of months and even weeks, we have seen how competitive the push for “the cloud” has gotten. From Amazon making changes to Microsoft adjusting pricing for Azure. Well, Office 365 has been no stranger to those adjustments, even more so if you are in the Education Sector.

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