Sales Force Automation via Android Phone

Bill Hatfield

How do you empower over 100 salespeople across the country to easily track leads/customers while providing on the spot point-of-sale transactions, payments and returns? What if you need it in 90 days? One company turned to Pinnacle with this pressing need - and we delivered, on-time and on-budget.

Our client needed to empower their sales force (over a hundred strong scattered across the U.S.) to be able to complete point-of-sale transactions while visiting a customer's site. This involved a number of requirements:

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Deciding Between a Mobile Website and a Custom Application for Your Business

Ryan Clark

In a world where more and more individuals are spending the majority of their online time using mobile devices instead of traditional computers, it's important that you have a mobile strategy that allows your business to look great and get its message across, no matter what device a prospective customer is using.

The first element of any good mobile strategy is determining whether you should rely on mobile websites, or use custom applications in addition to your mobile website. Different businesses need different things from their mobile strategy, so it's important that you take the time to consider what your business really needs before making this important decision.

What's the difference between a mobile website and a custom app?

A mobile website is much like any other website. It is created using HTML code, and is accessed using a browser. The difference is that a mobile website uses responsive design to ensure that the website is still easy to read and navigate, even when taking the smaller screen size of a mobile device into consideration.

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BYOD is the next major security need

Zack Nimtz

Security is not some new business requirement, but it is constantly changing as the latest technologies and trends enter the fold. Enterprise mobility is one of the most disruptive developments sweeping the IT space. Today, employees are using their personal smartphones and tablets to access corporate documents. Although this is ideal for productivity - personnel can accomplish tasks anywhere and at any time - misplaced gadgets can expose company information and customer data.

A recent Gartner report indicated that a quarter of personnel experienced a security issue with their personally owned devices in 2013. However, only 27 percent admitted to disclosing such events to their employer.

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