Zero to BI in Three Quick Steps

Tim Wilson

Business Intelligence, or BI, is not just another intimidating IT buzzword. BI is a tool, an approach to help organizations manage their ever-increasing quantities of data. says BI is a collection of “best business practices, software, infrastructure, and any other tools to optimize decision making and enhance performance.”

At its fullest potential, BI can manage and organize huge amounts of data, integrate multiple source systems into a single, coherent, comprehensive view, and present useful information intuitively and effortlessly.

And while BI sounds like a massive organizational commitment full of risk, hidden costs, and uncertain outcomes, it doesn’t have to be. BI can start as simply as feeding a spreadsheet into a product like Microsoft’s Power BI.

At Pinnacle we advocate a low-risk three-step approach to embracing BI. The three steps are as simple as they are intuitive:

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Topics: Microsoft Office, Business Intelligence, PowerBI