Top benefits of managed IT services for SMBs

Zack Nimtz

As technology evolves, it can be costly to employ personnel with the level of skill and acumen needed to maintain an organization's entire infrastructure. Managed Service Providers (MSP) take on many of the maintenance-related duties regarding networks and systems for business.

It's popularity can be attributed to the many benefits it carries for small and midsize business, and has resulted in exponential growth in the managed services market. In fact, according to MarketsandMarkets, the managed IT services market will be worth $50.83 billion by 2019.

Below, we've uncovered the primary benefits of outsourcing managed IT services for SMBs:

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Is Office 365 a sound investment for SMBs?

Zack Nimtz

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud productivity suite hosted on its Azure platform. The most commonly stated benefits of migrating to Microsoft's cloud solutions are increased productivity with universal access across devices, better business intelligence and reporting, enterprise-level security, and improved cost control for technology. To many SMBs, the benefits sound too good to be true so, in late 2014, Forrester Research conducted a study on the Total Economic Impact of Office 365.

The study was aimed to provide readers with a cost vs. benefit analysis that evaluates future technology, business flexibility, and associated risk. Forrester looked at five key areas to discern the true value to business. Those areas included Technology, Mobility, Business Intelligence, Control and Compliance, and Enterprise Social.

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Make the most of tight IT budgets

Zack Nimtz

Although the strategic value of technology is on the rise, IT budgets are at a stand-still. As a result, CIOs must be smarter about how they allocate their spend. Since 2012, IT budget growth has consistently come up short of leading research firm Gartner's expectations.

Gartner forecasted only a 2.4 percent year-over-year increase in global IT spending in 2015, which is actually down from earlier projections of 3.9 percent growth. This is likely due to a challenging market as well as increased competition for relatively low-priced but highly capable assets such as tablets.

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Why an understaffed IT department can cost you more than you think

Dan Griffiths

For IT organizations today, the need to cut costs is clear: budgets are shrinking, but expectations are staying the same. The pinch is especially hard on small and midsize businesses. These organizations are limited when it comes to financial resources, and IT is often the first thing they cut. In this post, we'll discuss why an understaffed IT organization is a short-sighted way of approaching cost savings, particularly when there are better options available.

The hidden costs of an understaffed IT department

1. Unscheduled project delays

When you stop to consider that all business users in your company depend on IT personnel to be able to do their jobs correctly, it becomes clear that your IT employees are among the most important people in your company. If they are overworked and unable to respond to tickets in a timely manner, the whole company can grind to a halt while they wait for IT to catch up.

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Don't throw money at IT without a long-term plan

Zack Nimtz

Higher IT budgets do not necessarily translate into better IT departments. Businesses may think more funding for technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and mobile applications may solve many of their operational needs; however, without the proper knowledge to maximize their investment, their new tech may quickly turn into a costly mistake. With the right partner who understands how to properly utilize different technologies to maximize ROI, businesses are able to offload their IT infrastructures so they can focus solely on core-business processes.

Offloading IT is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. SMBs lack the budgets and staff of large enterprises, so they cannot afford any missteps with their IT procurements. The worst outcome possible for a company is to invest in an IT solution only to find it was not the right fit or was too difficult to properly maintain.

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