5 Reasons You Should Consider Managed Network Services for Your Business

Butch Whitmire

Managed Network Services could be the next best move for your business. Managed Network Services are on the move in a variety of industries for many good reasons. Here are a few for you to consider:

Reason #1: You can’t fix your own car anymore.

Sure, you’re smart enough to figure it out. You may even have a garage, a buddy, a case of beer, and an open weekend to get the job done. But the reality is this: today’s cars are so sophisticated that they require some pretty expensive and sophisticated tools to do the job right. I used to help my buddy tune up his GTO with a timing lamp and a beer. Now we drop the car at the garage and go to the bar.

The same thing can be said about your Network. Your IT staff has people that are smart enough, but they may not have all the tools and time required to keep your IT engine running as smoothly as it could. Managed Network Service providers invest in sophisticated tools to monitor and fix problems with your network quickly and efficiently. And yes, these tools are expensive, so that’s why they spread that cost across many clients so you don’t have to absorb it all yourself.

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Why are you spending my money?

Maurice Bokhart

The following article came to me this morning via LinkedIn and I found it to be extremely interesting – and applicable to our clients. Whether you work for an IT firm (like me), or you are in charge of IT at a client, there is a noticeable and very detectable change that is taking place internationally as to perceptions and roles in regards to the IT function. I think it is especially interesting to note that “non-IT personnel will be deciding where to spend more of the technology budget – than personnel in the IT department”.

Research: The devalued future of IT in a marketing world.

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SharePoint 2010 Pricing Explained

Joel Chmiel

A simple question many clients have asked me is 'How much does SharePoint cost?' Unfortunately, the answer doesn't always seem so simple. The goal of this article is to help. Below are some pricing and licensing details to help you put together some budgetary ideas. In addition, there are some licensing details around SharePoint that everyone should know. They can be very helpful before buying and that might help you save money.

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Microsoft Licensing Changes May Impact EA Customers

Eric Huggins

A quick follow up on my earlier post and promise to provide an update for EA customers impacted by the upcoming licensing changes in Server 2012 -

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