Is your technology a business investment, or an expense?

Zack Nimtz

For small and midsize businesses, technology can be the driving difference that propels your company ahead. Modernizing your IT can set you apart from your competitors by providing you with deeper insights into your business, better tools for productivity and collaboration, and streamlined, more efficient processes.

But how do you leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage?

First, you need to determine you business goals - whether growing sales, increasing efficiency, enabling a mobile workforce, or keeping data protected. A whiteboard session can help dig in to your core business processes and highlight organizational goals and challenges to help you prioritize what is most important.

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Case Study: Global leader in pediatric orthopedics partners with Pinnacle to improve efficiencies

Zack Nimtz

The Client

OrthoPediatrics is a global leader in pediatric orthopedics. Using innovative technologies, the company creates plates, screws, nails and other tools for implants and instruments used by surgeons to treat children with birth defects or broken bones.

Established in 2006 in Warsaw, Indiana, OrthoPediatrics quickly claimed a spot in the medical device industry; its rapid growth led the company to seek outside support for their technology needs. The company understood early on that it could not successfully grow the business while trying to manage every facet of its daily operations, including its IT infrastructure.

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Increase your Competitive Advantage using Technology

Butch Whitmire

We all want to grow our business, right? And for most of us, growing means we need to leverage our competitive advantage. Competitive advantage occurs when an organization acquires or develops an attribute or combination of attributes that allows it to outperform its competitors. And so it’s important to understand exactly what your business’ competitive advantage is and how you can wield it to win customers.

Information technology can play a significant role in augmenting your competitive advantage, but businesses must ensure that the time, money, and energy they spend on IT is properly placed.

When I think of a business’ technology and how it relates to supporting competitive advantage, I think of the layers of a pyramid. (And yes, it sort of maps to Maslow’s hierarchy for you Psychology buffs). The higher you move on the pyramid, the more likely it is that technology increases your competitive advantage.

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Why are Whiteboard Discovery Sessions Important?

Zack Nimtz

Whether your team is loosely aligned or perfectly in step, sometimes knowing all the systems you have, which applications you own, and what the priorities are for technology improvements can help your team get on the same page. Without that kind of clarity, inefficiencies can creep into perfectly sound organizations. Whiteboard Discovery Sessions and Technology Roadmaps are great ways to keep everyone aware of what’s coming next and all rowing in the same direction. You should engage in a Whiteboard every year to keep awareness and teamwork high.

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Whiteboard Session: Endless Possibilities

Julie Vigue

A blank sheet of paper is filled with opportunity. They give you the opportunity to express feelings, thoughts, or ideas. Fill a blank sheet with information and they become shopping lists, invitations, maps or contracts. The possibilities are endless.

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