Pinnacle Guardian for BI

Supporting and managing Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions

Deriving business value from IT

Businesses migrating traditional IT workloads like Email and File Storage to cloud platforms are shifting IT projects from back office infrastructure to projects that impact the bottom line. Pinnacle's ERP and Data Engineering teams work closely with customers to drive just-in-time information from existing information sources. Pinnacle Guardian for BI provides fixed cost support and management of data repositories, collection processes, and reporting tools.

Pinnacle Guardian for BI provides: 

  • Help desk support for Data and Report access issues
  • PowerBI Desktop application support
  • PowerBI Enterprise Gateway support for cloud connectivity to internal databases
  • SQL Server Integration Services troubleshooting
  • SQL Server Analysis Services troubleshooting
  • Support for Pinnacle developed, custom Data Warehouse and Analysis solutions
  • Quarterly Health Check to keep your data systems running smoothly and efficiently


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